By Meghan Osborne

At EYEFUL, we’re more than just a salon – we’re the beating heart of Lowell’s community. 💖 We believe that hair is more than just hair; it expresses individuality, diversity, and inclusivity. That’s why we take pride in understanding and embracing all types of hair, especially curls!


How to Choose the Right Curly Cut Service for You


Curly Cut First-Time Client: Are you ready to fully embrace your natural texture? This service is designed for first-time clients looking to showcase their curls. When you come in, ensure your hair is dry, detangled, and natural (no ponytails or buns). This allows us to see your texture and work on a style that suits your lifestyle and aesthetic. You’ll receive a delightful wash and a natural curl set, and we’ll diffuse your hair dry, all while providing personalized education on how to care for your curls.


Curly Cut Returning Client: This service is perfect for those who have previously visited us for their curls. Your appointment will allow us to set your natural texture, gently diffuse your hair dry, and make any necessary edits to keep your curls looking fabulous. Walk out the door, ready to turn heads!


Consultation: Which curly cut appointment is right for you? Have anxiety about haircuts? Or maybe you want to talk about your hair outside of a complete appointment setting? Feel free to book a free consultation. We’re here to answer your questions and help you choose the best service for your unique curls.


At EYEFUL, we’re committed to helping you love your curls and providing the best care and styling for your hair.  Book your appointment today and join our curly hair community! 🌀